Dubai Travel Guide

There is no place in the world where you can experience the diversity in tourism other than Dubai. Signing up for a Dubai vacation will be one of the best moments you will have as someone who wanted to explore the other areas of the globe. However, like any country, before having your Dubai vacation, you must first know all the important information regarding the culture, events, significant places and activities that you can do and enjoy so that you can make the most out of your much awaited vacation in United Arab Emiratesí second largest region Ė the emirate of Dubai.

Dubai LuxuryWhen having your Dubai vacation, the first thing that you must think of is the hotel where you will be staying in and its location. Choose the one that is within the metropolis of Dubai. In that way numerous establishments can be reached within few minutes since buses and taxis can be very accessible. You may have your hotel booked online before you even reach the territory of your Dubai. Sometimes, online hotel booking can is a lot cheaper than heading straight to the hotel without reservation. With this, you can still save money where you can splurge on shopping while having your Dubai vacation. Some of the excellent hotels located in the city of Dubai include the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Dusit Dubai Hotel, Al Sham Hotel Dubai, Nihal Hotel Dubai, and Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai.

Dubai VacationSpeaking of which, shopping in Dubai is one of the most favorite activity by tourists in this emirate. Your Dubai vacation can never be complete without hitting the souks than can be found almost anywhere in Dubai. You can also find almost anything at the souks or at the luxurious huge shopping malls. Bring home a bag full of gold and jewelries since these are the most inexpensive items available in Dubai. Women will love shopping here not just because of the jewelries but because of the clothes and other accessories as well. There are many fashionable clothes that are similar to the likes of designer labels, only much cheaper. Veils are rampant in Dubaiís shopping stalls. Buy some handcrafted veils with very unique and intricate patterns to remind you of your Dubai vacation once you return to your country.

You must also take the chance to go for a desert safari while having your Dubai vacation. Camel riding and sunset photography is the perfect combination of this safari tour. Men would love to experience the thrill that dune bashing could give. Part of the desert safari is to let people experience a unique Dubai vacation by entertaining them and serving food the traditional way. There are a lot of things that you can do during a desert safari. That is why a half-day tour is not enough.

Skiing in DubaiAs mentioned earlier, a Dubai vacation let tourists experience a diverse tourism. Dubai can bring the best of both worlds. You may experience climate of European countries as well as the climate of the Middle East in one emirate alone. There are indoor skiing parks located at the malls of Dubai. These ski parks also have snow parks so that the whole family may enjoy. Some are made of real snow while others are made from artificially-made snows. Lucky for those who havenít felt the winter climate yet, they may feel chilly and cold while inside these indoor ski parks. On the other hand, an authentic Dubai vacation must have a memory of sand skiing or sandboarding. Since the desert of Dubai has a lot of towering sand dunes, there is no easier and exciting way of appreciating such but to sand ski.

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