Dubai Attractions

Year by year, the second biggest emirate in UAE, Dubai, is becoming a great place to invest money as well as spend your vacation. Because of this ever growing tourism in Dubai, the government has been consistently trying different ways to keep the tourist attractions maintain its beauty in order to draw more visitors and of course, more income to the emirate. Along with the locals of Dubai, the government and investors are really doing a great job in keeping Dubai an excellent place that could offer tourists diversity, making these attractions more interesting for travelers all over the world.

One of the major attractions in Dubai is their so-called water delights. This includes sailing, water sport activities, diving, surfing, and more. But the best water attraction in Dubai that the whole family can definitely enjoy is the water park called Wild Wadi. This is one of the best attractions in Dubai that embraces twelve acres and has at least twenty four slides as well as rides that adults may also enjoy. Wild Wadi which has a theme of the Arabian oasis and folklores has three major water park rides that are meant for adults and would need adult supervision for kids ages ten and below. These major rides in Wild Wadi include Master Blaster, Ring Rides, and the tallest ride in Wild Wadi, the Jumeirah Sceirah.

Jumeirah MosqueAside from the water delights of Dubai, numerous architectural sites of the emirate also serve as tourist attractions for foreign visitors. This does not only include incredibly unique buildings and hotels but religious sites such as mosques as well. There are two mosque attractions in Dubai namely Jumeirah Mosque and Grand Mosque. These are the most magnificent mosques built in the emirate of Dubai. Although it traditional looking mosques, no modern architectures can ever surpass the exquisiteness of these places of worship for Islams.

If you think that Dubai is just a place filled with high-rise buildings, sand dunes, and mosques, better think again. Eco-tourism is also one of the major attractions of Dubai. You can explore the warm deserts of Dubai in several desert resorts after having a very enjoyable camel ride. Afterwards, you will be served with a coffee that Dubai is made locally at this emirate. Aside from this, there is also an ongoing project called Eco-Tourism World. Although this is not one of the natural attractions of Dubai, it will focus on creating marvelous and different beauties of planet Earth. There will also be dinosaur displays that would bring these extinct animals back to life. Because of the activities and features of Eco-Tourism World, visitors would definitely repeat their visit and would certainly encourage guests to stay longer.

Dubai ZooFor those who are fond of animals of different species and sizes, then Dubai Zoo is a must-see for you. It has been one of the major attractions and landmarks of Dubai since the former ruler of the emirate named H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum allowed Otto J. Bulart to have a zoo constructed in Jumeirah. Not only that the Dubai Zoo is one of the oldest attractions but also known as the oldest zoo in the whole United Arab Emirates and the whole Arabian Peninsula. Local residents of Dubai as well as tourists from all over the world would be fascinated with the rare kind of Chimpanzees and wild cats of Arabia that are well kept in Dubai Zoo. However, this interesting zoo only opens from Wednesday until Monday, only from 10:00 in the morning up till 6:30 in the evening. With all these places in Dubai that would tickle the interests of tourists, who would not want to go at this emirate? Check out the best Dubai attractions online!