Dubai Beaches

There are several reasons why tourists are drawn to visit a particular country. Aside from the historical sites and unique architectures, the natural exquisiteness of the country also plays an important role in attracting foreign tourists as well as investors. Beaches are one of the most favorite places that country explorers, especially those who are coming from European countries, would love to spend most of their time during the whole course of their vacation. And where else could you find the most stunning beaches in the world but only here in United Arab Emiratesí most economical and colorful emirate Ė Dubai.

More often than not, beaches in Dubai are owned by different hotels and resorts. Some can be accessed by paying a minimum fee of 5 dirhams or more depending on the policy of the hotel. One the other hand, there are also beaches that can be accessed by the public. Most of these are situated near the Dubai Creek and the Corniche. But no matter what beach you go to, whether private or public, you can still experience a magnificent tropical vacation and ambiance where Dubai is popularly known for.

Dubai BeachesProbably one of the most popular and the most visited beaches in Dubai is the Jumeirah Beach located few kilometers away from the main city of Dubai and at least twenty five kilometers away from the main airport which is the Dubai International Airport. According to the Business Traveller Magazine in United Kingdom, Jumeirah Beach has been consistently voted as one of the best beaches in the whole world starting from the year 2001 up to year 2007. It is usually filled with tourists coming from Russia, Lebanon, and locals of the emirate. For those who wanted to experience a luxurious vacation, then visit the prime majestic destination not only in Dubai but in the whole world as well.

Public beaches are also available in Dubai. The Al Mamzar Beach Park is located at the city of Deira, which is almost near to the Dubai Creek. The Al Mamzar Beach Park not just a place to have your swimming pleasures. Family may also enjoy hanging out at the family areas, food kiosks, and may grill their own marinated chicken or lamb at several barbecue sites located within the beach park. There is also a playground where children would be delighted to play in. Other public beaches in Dubai include Al Khazzan Park and Jumeirah Open Beach Park.

However, there are certain rules in Dubaiís beaches, whether you chose to unwind at the grandiose private beach or inexpensive public beach park. Drinking alcoholic beverages are not allowed unless you are staying at the pool side of a hotel resort. And because of the conservative Islamic culture of the emirate, women are also not allowed to wear bathing suits that are too skimpy at the beaches of Dubai. If they are not swimming in the waters of the stunning beaches, they are required to put a covering on their body. It can be a beach blanket or a sarong. You donít have any idea how many eyes would stare at you if you bare too much of your skin. Many are also staying at the beach of Dubai to witness the captivating view of the sunset in the area. It is nice that you and your company would be able to enjoy spending your time at Dubai beaches. But please always bear in mind that you must also place your trash at its proper place so that you can still see more of this Dubaiís natural asset for more years to come.