Burj Dubai

Dubai is now known not only in the industry of tourism but engineering as well. There had been a lot of finished and ongoing projects in this emirate that never fails to amaze people from all parts of the world. Dubai currently has a project that would beat all the towering buildings of New York and other buildings in the Dubai city itself. They call it the Burj Dubai which simply means Dubai Tower. The term "tallest building" would not fit Burj Dubai. You need to add the word “super” in order to properly define the building. With all the engineers and laborers working day and night, it is expected to be done by the last quarter of the year 2008.

The Burj Dubai is only a part of the whole project called Downtown Burj Dubai. The latter was said to be ready to be occupied by the year 2009. Downtown Burj Dubai is situated at the Sheikh Zayed Road situated at Doha Street. The Burj Dubai is a collaboration between big time companies from different countries such as Samsung from South Korea, Besix from Belgium, and Arabtec from United Arab Emirates. The building was designed by Adam Smith, former member of the Skidmore, Owings and Merill LLP from Chicago (SOM). Although Adam Smith has already left SOM, it is still the same company that is currently leading the structural, mechanical, and architectural engineering of the building. The estimated budget for the Burj Dubai alone is more than four billion US dollars. On the other hand, the budget for the whole Downtown Burj Dubai project is at least twenty billion US dollars.

Burj DubaiThe groundbreaking event for the Burj Dubai happened at 2004. At the same day, the contractors of Emaar already started the construction of the building. By July 21, 2007, Burj Dubai has already surpassed the Taipei 101. It is now the tallest building in the world with a height of 1,671 feet. However, the crowned prince of the emirate of Dubai does not accept the title yet until the project is finally complete. He still thinks that the Taipei 101 is the tallest building until Burj Dubai is totally complete and business has started.

The purpose of Burj Dubai is to have at least thirty thousand homes, nine luxurious hotels, more than twenty residential towers, a Dubai Mall, and a Burj Dubai Lake. The government of Dubai is the one who decided where the project should be built. They said that it is necessary for such projects to be placed in the city in order to catch more recognition from countries around the world, not only from their local region. They do not only expect international recognition but investment as well. According to Jacqui Josephson, the prince of Dubai wanted his emirate to be placed on the map with the help of something very sensational. As of now, many are very agitated for the completion of the future super tallest building in the world. This includes tourists, Dubai locals, and of course local and international investors who foresees a solid investment in the building. With Burj Dubai and other real estate developments in this emirate, Dubai will certainly become one of the most successful and the most powerful places on the globe. For sure, before the super tallest building project is over, there will be new developments and constructions in Dubai that would amaze people all over the world once more. Although there had been a few controversies with regards to the labor, the government is still not shaken off and continues to hope for best in the construction of Burj Dubai.

Update: The world's talles building is ready now, and renamed to Burj Kahlifa.