Dubai Business

Entrepreneurs from all over the world have been rushing in Dubai for several years now to invest business in this emirate. This is because the economy and business in Dubai is one of the most successful in the world. Many factors affect the economy and business in this part of the United Arab Emirates including tourism, population, natural resources, ports, and more. Although many are still thinking twice whether they should place an investment or not in Dubai, many economists and business experts advised that this is the right time to do so while the Dubai's economy is at its peak and still flourishing.

Natural resources such as natural gas and petroleum contribute at least sixty percent of the total gross domestic product in Dubai. On the other hand, the whole profit gained by the economy and business of Dubai is accountable for almost twenty-eight percent of the income of the whole United Arab Emirates. Moreover, the industry of natural gas and petroleum increases every year. In 2006, the said industry had an amazing escalation of more than sixteen percent from the previous year. On the other hand, in the year 2007 the oil industry increased by eighteen percent compared to the past year. With these figures, the economy and business in this emirate is rapidly surging and definitely running after other powerful countries in the world.

Aside from the oil industry, the tourism industry also plays a big role in the development of the economy and business in Dubai. As of now, this is one of the fastest rising sectors in the economy of Dubai. In Dubaiís whole gross domestic product, the twelve percent of the whole budget is allotted for tourism alone. This is equal to at least 1.9 billion in US dollars. Since tourism is also an industry where Dubai rely its economy and business, the government is willing to spend more than thirty billion US dollars for the next six years in order to develop new projects that would draw tourists all over the world. Dubaiís local economy and business establishments which are related in the tourism industry expects that they will have at least ten million tourists by the year 2010 compared to 2.8 million last 2000.

By 1993, there had been several changes in the business law of United Arab Emirates, specifically at Dubai. This is another factor that affects the economy and business rate in the emirate. Such laws include the commercial transactions and professional company laws. Banks and other financial institutions are very supportive with all the aspiring entrepreneurs, whether you are a local resident or foreign investor, who wished to establish a small company or a big firm in Dubai. Having trademarks, copyright, and patents are also covered by the business laws of Dubai and the whole United Arab Emirates.
Furthermore, one of the main reasons why many are enthusiastic in investing in Dubaiís economy and business deals is because of the so-called corporate tax-free in United Arab Emirates. However, companies who are in the oil industry as well as foreign bank branches should pay the corporate tax. Experts foresee that is very unlikely for the emirate to introduce direct taxation in the near future. It may happen eventually provided that the oil industry and reserves starts to dwindle.

With all these amazing facts in Dubaiís economy and business, who would not want to invest in this very fruitful emirate? For sure, many would love to take a few dollars out of their banks in order to develop something that could give you more income such as real estate properties, establishments, and others.