Dubai Camel Riding

Dubai is a tourist destination with a perfect combination of skyscrapers, beaches and desert where the latter is the most dominant area of the emirate. Investors and tourists were once not attracted with what Dubai could offer. The sand dunes of Dubai used to be its main flaw. Many think that there is nothing that you could do in the desert of Dubai than get your skin burned up, dehydrated, and get bored. However, the emirate turned a flaw into an asset. It began to develop so many desert ideas that would attract tourists to visit this dry area as well. Then the desert safari was born. It included activities such as Dune Bashing, Sunset Photography, Sandboarding, and Camel Riding. Of all the activities mentioned, the highlight during the desert safari in Dubai is the Camel Riding Ė an exotic adventure that can only be experienced in few places, and one of them is Dubai.

Camels are the first thing that you could think of if someone mentions the word desert. This is one of the icons of Middle East, specifically Dubai. These are exotic animals that can live in dry land for about sixty years without the need for frequent water intake. Camels in Dubai, known as Arabian camels, only have one hump contrary to what others think of its appearance. It is the Bactrian camel that has double humps on its back. Camel riding is seen in international movies such as Sahara and The Mummy featuring some of the big time celebrities of Hollywood. Camel riding can be a lot more fun than horseback riding. Not just because camels are animals that you donít usually see, but because you will be sitting in a higher seat compared to horses, making it more thrilling and exciting. Camels can speed up to sixty-four kilometers per hour when they do short sprints. Moreover, camels can have a constant speed of forty kilometers per hour for sixty minutes.

Camel riding is so popular in the whole United Arab Emirates as well as Qatar. Because of this, camel riding eventually turned into camel racing. The jockeys used to be small children in the age of four to direct and ride the camels. However, in 2005, because there had been several human rights controversy with regards to the use of children as camel jockeys, children were banned from riding and directing camels. By 2007, AUE and Qatar began to use robot jockeys to direct the camels during the race.

Dubai Camel RidingIf you sign up for a camel riding to be a part of your desert safari, you have the option to choose between a whole day camel riding experience or just a few hours of this fun and exotic activity. If you wish to do camel riding for the whole day, you will be oriented with all the necessary basic information about camel riding since you will spend a lot of hours with the animal. Afterwards, you will have the best camel adventure ever. It is best if you ride the camel by the afternoon and wait for the dramatic sunset in the desert of Dubai. You may also want to do a sunset photography while you are still in the camel to create that postcard-perfect picture which you will remind you of Dubai and will be treasured for the rest of your life. Donít miss this once in a lifetime opportunity of riding a camel in Dubaiís desert safari. There is no other place in the world where you can experience a very adventurous camel riding but only here in the city that offers diversity in tourism, the city of Gold, Dubai.