Dubai Car Rental

Visitors of Dubai do not end on tourists that would stay for a few days alone. Most of these tourists either explore the rest of Dubai with a group in a bus or in a shuttle service provided by the hotel or travel agency. However, there are also tourists who wanted to independently explore the city and other parts of Dubai. Therefore, they usually seek for car rental services so that they would travel the roads of Dubai on their own. These car rental services are very advisable especially for the areas outside the main city of Dubai where the buses and taxis passing by are very limited.

There are also businessmen and real estate investors coming different parts of the world. They usually stay at Dubai for a few months or until their project in the emirate is already finished. These very preoccupied entrepreneurs typically travel from one point to another to meet interested clients and to close their million dollar deals. In order to do so, they would definitely need the car rental services that they can acquire either from the hotel that they are staying in or from car rental agencies available online. This would certainly save them a lot of time and effort instead of taking the taxi and buses that are not accessible all the time.

Because of this, many have decided to have a car rental business. You can choose from different types of cars that would fit your lifestyle, and of course, your budget. Cars such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Mazda, and Peugot usually range from sixty dollar to seventy dollars a day depending on the car model. But these are already air-conditioned cars having an automatic transmission. Car rental agencies would allow you to choose cars in excellent condition so there’s no need to worry if you will be pushing the car after traveling one hundred kilometers.

For those who have a bigger budget, luxury cars are also available in most car rental agencies in Dubai. This includes BMW, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, and Range Rover. The rate of these luxury cars depends on how long you will need these. It can be rented daily, weekly and monthly. But unlike the typical cars mentioned before, car rental agencies do not allow these luxury cars to be rented per hour. Most of these cars are usually have only two doors where at least four people can occupy. The rent charge ranges from three hundred dollars to three thousand dollars a day. However, the mileage is limited depending on the car model. There are also luxury cars for rent with unlimited mileage but of course, there will be a slight price increase.

Since car rental business is now a thriving industry in Dubai, many owners have out up their own websites. With this interested customers going to Dubai may reserve online and give their down payments for the car of their choice online. There are also car rental agencies online that do not require down payments. You would even have the car ready at the airport welcoming you. All you need to give them are your name, credit card information details (account numbers and security number) in case you want wish to cancel (they would still charge you for the reservation made), your international license number, and of course, the date of your arrival or the date when you will pick up the car. Having a car of your own or at least a rented car while traveling around Dubai would certainly save you more time and would make your travel a lot easier than commuting.