Dubai Diamonds

Diamonds and jewellery are among the main category of items that get transported from Dubai. Dubai is famous for its great quality diamonds and its fine quality jewellery which are made of the best quality precious metals such as gold, coloured gold alloys, silver and platinum. Let's see what we can get to see in Dubai when we are looking for jewellery.

Dubai is the land of jewellery. Also, it is diamond trading activity that is more than well known. In the past decade, Dubai has made great efforts to become an outstanding business partner by means of diamond and jewellery trade. Dubai gets its precious metals, mainly gold from the best sources and the jewellery which gets made of it become worldwide famous for its beautiful design and its great quality. In Dubai, there are hundreds of jewellery stores, bigger and smaller, all living well from selling their unique jewellery designs for locals and tourists. Another important factor of Dubai diamond is its price, as in Dubai you can get to buy jewellery without paying of taxes which makes their prices instantly much more attractive.

Thanks to the new technologies, Dubai has also partly moved to the internet, and most of its bigger jewellery brands are also selling their goods from their websites. Yet it would be bad to close out the great experience of buying jewellery, for example in the beautiful and unique Gold Souk of Dubai when you have the chance to go there. The beautiful Gold Souk of Deira is among the best places in the world to buy quality jewellery. Here you also get the chance to haggle and see the biggest variety of jewellery in one place. The Gold Souk within the Dubai Mall is perhaps the only other place which is similar to this of Dubai Gold Souk. Other than this, you will see how many chances are there for you to buy quality diamonds and jewellery in Dubai.

The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is the only complex in the world, which was built solely for jewellery workshops in order to get better and cheaper environment for their business activities. In the visitors' centre of the mall, you can get some great jewellery as well. There are several stores here, which have become the most popular diamond jewellery stores for expats.

There is virtually no place in Dubai close to which you wouldn't find at least one jeweller. Dubai has also made a name in the diamond jewellery industry, when it came out with its unique diamond cut called Dubai Cut, the only diamond cutting method named of a land. You can get to see this very interesting cut, which shows 99 alone-standing facets cut in one diamond stone. The only jewellery to sell these stones in Dubai is called Dhamani Jewellery and you will easily find its stores in the old centre of Dubai. Also Dubai has yearly international jewellery fair when the best designs are showcased and represented.

Dubai diamond and gold jewellery industry is outstanding and ever-developing. If you have a chance, get to see the beautiful Gold Souk, the hub of diamond and gold jewellery business in Dubai.