Dubai Shopping Festival

For those who like to have a shop-till-you-drop experience, prepare your feet, wear your most comfortable shoe, and book a flight to Dubai for the upcoming Dubai Shopping Festival. Dubai Shopping Festival is a month long event that turns Dubai not only as a city of gold but a shopper’s paradise who would want to purchase items such as jewelries, carpets, electronics, foot wear, and more in a very cheap price. Aside from the great offers during this yearly festival, there are also a lot of cultural events happening every night for the whole month.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the major attractions of Dubai that draws thousand and thousands of tourists all over the world who would not want to let this yearly shopping opportunity pass by. According to the surveys conducted every year in Dubai, the festival attracts more than three million visitors whose main goal is not to take a very luxurious vacation but to attend the much awaited Dubai Shopping Festival. Although the shopping festival is still few weeks away from now, retailers, investors, and tourists are currently preparing for this so-called Fifth Season in Dubai.

With all the shopping opportunities and lively entertainment, Dubai assures every body that in this coming year, Dubai Shopping Festival will be more extravagant than the previous festivals. Different five star hotels and big time investors are sponsoring the said annual event. This will be the thirteenth edition of the shopping festival. According to HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum during a press release, the success of the yearly shopping festival in Dubai had became the standard for a very vibrant entertainment as well as tourism industry in the emirate. The focus of the upcoming festival is to give tourists and locals a world-class shopping experience that caters entertainment for the whole family at the same time.the ideas and plans are carefully laid out by different investors, organizers, and tourism experts in order to meet the expectations of Dubai visitors.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is accounted for almost eight percent of the annual gross domestic product in Dubai. In the same press release by HH Sheikh Ahmed, he boasted that the Dubai Shopping Festival event happened in 2006 to 2007 earned at least 10.2 billion AED. It has a shocking increase of fifty-three percent compared to the figures in 2005. It is affected by different factors such as the effectiveness of the several shopping advertisements, duration of the whole event, and all other events happening all over the emirate of Dubai.

Dubai Gold SoukThe whole Dubai Shopping Festival can be experience at different souks (their name for the traditional market) located at both sides of the Dubai Creek. This is where bargaining and haggling is a typical part of the whole day, or the whole event for that matter. One of the most popular bazaar during the Dubai Shopping Festival is the Gold Souk located at the Sikkat al-Khali St. Many gold and jewelry retailers lines the narrow streets having sparkling earrings, necklaces and bracelets displayed on their window shops. The prices of these gold and jewelries vary depending on the size and weight of the item. You can also take home with you several Dubai spices that can be bought in the Spice Souk (formerly known as the Old Souk) located in the Al-Sabkha Road. There are other more items sold during the month long festival such as carpets and other traditional goods including cotton dhurries and Arabic coffee pots.