Dubai Travel Guide

The Asian continent is now considered as a place full of tourist destinations. Asia is visited by many not only because of the panoramic views and different activities that can be done but because of the diversity in tourism as well. Dubai, being part of Asia, is also known as an excellent tourist spot where one can have a unique and memorable experience. However, because of the cultural differences, there are some things that you need to know before traveling to Dubai. Although the tourism industry in this emirate is fast rising, a visitor, especially women, must consider several things to fully enjoy exploring the emirate of Dubai.

Dubai Travel GuideFirst of all, when traveling to Dubai you must secure a valid visa so that you may enter the second biggest emirate in United Arab Emirates. There are several types of visas for Dubai. However, since you will only arrive there as a tourist, you will only need to acquire a Tourist Visa. But in order to do so, you must be sponsored by the hotel where you will be staying or have sponsorship from tour operators who will bring you to Dubai. The tourist visa will only be valid for thirty days starting from the day you arrive at Dubai. You can have the travel agents, tour operators, or the hotel process the Dubai tourist visa for you. When traveling to Dubai, make sure that you always bring your passport with tourist visa along with you wherever you go. Tourist visas are available for visitors coming from Turkey, Poland, Croatia, Albania, Ukraine, China, Cyprus, East and West Europe, Singapore, South Africa, and Mexico.

When traveling to Dubai, make sure that you have money that can be exchanged into UAE dirham such as United States dollar or Euro. Traveling to Dubai may require you to loosen your budget especially while you are shopping. In case you are in short of cold cash, there are now many international banks like HSBC, Citibank, and more, than can accommodate you in your financial needs as long as you have an account with them. However, these banks are only available from Saturdays till Thursdays. You may also use major credit cards in most shops, restaurants, and hotels in Dubai. Common credit cards accepted are American Express, Mastercard and Visa. And because of the increasing demand for ATMís in Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority in the emirate began the improvisation of almost five hundred bus shelters that would incorporate vending machines and ATMís as well. With all these accessible ways of getting money, traveling to Dubai will never be a pain in your wallet and budget.

Dubai SkyscrapersMaybe months before traveling to Dubai, you want to learn a few words in Arabic since it is the most used language in UAE. However, Arabic is quite difficult to master. Luckily, thereís no need to do so. You may be easily understood by many, especially in hotels, restaurants, and other establishments, in English language. Traveling to Dubai is as easy as traveling to any other states of USA. Most of the signs are written in both Arabic and English because of the rapidly increasing tourism industry in Dubai.

Just like any other country or tourist destination, there are also several customs regulations when traveling to Dubai. Nutshell visitors traveling to Dubai may only bring to the emirate duty-free cigarettes, loose tobacco, and only four bottles of alcohol. Of course, there are also items that are not allowed to be bought into Dubai. This includes firearms, illegal drugs, and pornographic materials.