Dubai International Airport and Flights

Everybody would love to travel to Dubai because of the different tourist attractions that can be seen in this emirate. Unfortunately, flights going to Dubai can be quite expensive if you have it booked at your local travel agencies. However, there are now many cheap flights going to Dubai from different online travel agencies. This is because the competition is so high that they have to give discounts for those would be using particular credit cards that can be used internationally such as Visa, Mastercard and more. The rates of course, vary depending on the airline of your choice.

Dubai International AirportDubai International Airport accepts flights from different airlines all over the world. If you wish to experience Dubai starting from the time you will leave your local airport, then it is best to book flights from the Emirates Airline. It operates on Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane airport. Flights with Emirates Airline will be one of the best air travel experience you could ever have. The flight facets and services of the airline are truly exceptional. You will be served with excellent foods such as gourmet salads and other delicious snacks. Unlike other airlines, Emirates gives the same service quality even if you are only staying at the economy class.

If you will also book flights to Dubai using these online travel agencies, make sure not to let great deals pass. There are several travel packages that you may instantly avail once you set your foot at the doorsteps of Dubai International Airport. You may have free service going to your hotel if in case it is not included in your hotel package. Flights going to Dubai are also flexible. Since there are many airlines accepted at the main airport of Dubai, visitors from all the over the world can rush into this tourist destination any time, day and night.

Once you reached the airport of Dubai you can now make use of the different facilities available here. If you want to ask any airport information, you may proceed to the Information Desks which are situated in two terminals. You may also inquire at the Information Desk any lost baggage or properties that you have lost within the premises of the airport. Because tourists are allowed to bring only limited amount of money, there are several banking facilities within the Dubai International Airport including the Automatic Teller Machines and legit money changers. Whatís good about this establishment is that it has showers where anyone can simply freshen up before hitting the roads of Dubai and proceeding to their business meeting and alike. Other airport facilities include postal services, telephones and internet access, medical care, valet parking, powder rooms, entertainment area for the toddlers, baby rooms and more.

Dubai International AirportShopping can be done inside the Dubai International Airport. You may also do item purchasing in several flights going to Dubai. However, the products sold in Dubai flights are limited. It only ranges from chocolates, airline souvenir products, and a few jewelries. On the other hand, Duty Free purchasing is available within the Concourse. There are also restaurants that have local Dubai cuisines in their menu and cafes that serve local coffee which the emirate is proud of.

Dubai International Airport accepts flights from different airlines including Aer Algerie, Air Hong Kong, Eva Air, Finnair, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Turkmenistan, British Airways, Birman Bangladeshi Airlines, AJT Air International, Egypt Air, and more. The airport tax is already included with the price of your airline ticket. However, donít forget to inquire to your travel agency, whether online or local, about the airport tax in Dubai.