Getting Around in Dubai

In any tourist destination, when you sign up a tour package on your trusted travel agency, it usually includes a service from the airport to your hotel. But thatís just it. Of course, you are not yet familiar with the roads and routes going the most famous tourist spots even if youíve been holding and looking at the tourist map (free at the airport) for a long time. Dubai, for instance, has shuttle services that would pick you up from your hotel going to the tourist spot of your choice. These shuttle services from hotels may help you in getting around Dubai but more often than not, the rates are quite expensive.

Getting around in Dubai is not hard and confusing. There are many public vehicles that would help you in touring Dubai. From the airport there are taxi drivers waiting near the doors offering taxi services. Taxi is the most prevalent mode of transportation in getting around Dubai. However, you must always remember that the cream colored taxis are the ones that have a cheaper charge compared to the taxis standing by the airport doors. In getting around Dubai, taxis usually charge based on the kilometer rate plus the pick up fee. But there are also taxis without meter that offers rates that are negotiable. You can rent these taxis for the whole day or for a very reasonable price.

Another way of getting around in Dubai is through the bus. However, these buses would only help you in getting around Dubai while you are in the city. When you reach the areas outside the main city of Dubai, chances are you will be having a hard time traveling since the modes of transportation in these areas are quite limited. On the other hand, the bus service within the city is excellent. They have at least twenty minutes gap before another bus arrives. The two main bus stations are located in Bur Dubai and in Deira at the Gold Souq Market.

But getting around Dubai does not rely on land transportations alone. Since Dubai Creek is also one of the most famous tourist spots in Dubai, there must also be a way in getting around in the waters of Dubai. In order for locals and tourists to cross the Dubai Creek, they must ride in a small ferry called abra. The abra stations are located on both sides of the Deira and Bur Dubai. The abra service is always available at all hours. The fares for this so-called Water Taxi will be paid after it has left the station. Not only that you would enjoy riding in this Venician Gondolas version of Dubai, you will also enjoy the picturesque view of the metropolitan at the same time. Riding in abra or water taxi would only cost each passenger around fifty fils. But in case you are touring the Dubai Creek in group, you can hire these abras to give you a nice private tour around the creek. You can ask the driver for a very reasonable and negotiable price which is usually cheaper than expected. This is one of the most popular activities in Dubai Creek especially during a clear day and the sun is at its dawning.

Paying taxis and buses are the most common ways of getting around in Dubai. But because of the booming industry of the emirate, the government of Dubai is now willing to issue temporary license to the foreigners who does not have international license. This would definitely help them in getting around Dubai and another reason to enjoy their stay at this emirate.