Dubai Gold Shopping

In Dubai, gold shopping is one natural thing to do. In the city of gold, there is no chance for you not to find the stores selling some of the best quality gold on the international gold market. Dubai has always been world famous for its quality gold jewellery and products and he takes a good care of this segment of its business life running smoothly and more than well. The yearly held Dubai jewellery week, which was held in this year November, is also to signify Dubai's role and will to be represented on the international jewellery market with some of the best jewellery makers, gold shopping possibilities and with the biggest retailers.

Dubai's world of jewellery making and gold shopping is more than huge in international contacts and in fact, it is a huge melting pot of jewellers coming to Dubai from many-many countries in the world, in order to set up a well running jewellery business. Dubai goldshopping makes real high volume demand and income all the same. As of today, there are two main segments in the Dubai market to deal with jewellery making: one segment consists of the Dubai Arabic jewellery stores, which deal with the making of more tradition jewellery and the other type that mainly deals with retailing activity, by selling the jewellery collection of other international jewelleries. This is easy to do in Dubai, as according to the local laws, no foreign business can set foot in its area without the help and representation of a local Dubai business. Therefore, several big jewelleries in Dubai deal solely with selling of international brands.

The Indian jewelleries that have set foot in Dubai in huge numbers make the other segment of Dubai gold shopping. Dubai has a great strategic situation for handling export and import activities having almost direct connection with Africa, Asia and Europe all the same. This is also the reason why the famous Silk Route goes through Dubai this way. For India, the Middle East has always been a great area for exporting goods to. Taking the fact that India has the longest history of jewellery making, it was the first country in the world that had made gold a jewellery material. In addition, most of today's cheapest jewellery-related works are in fact happening in India, where more than 90% of the total mined diamonds get cut and polished, then we can see why Indian Jewelleries are famous in Dubai also because the main gold shopping state which buys from India is in fact Dubai and the UAE.

This way is so strong that today its two Indian jewelleries which has been put in some of the best positions and which has been awarded by genuine Dubai awards for all their hard work they do for the Dubai jewellery industry. One of them being Dhamani Jewellery which has got that extreme opportunity to get awarded to be the one and only jewellery in Dubai who can make and sell the Dubai Cut, Dubai's own diamond cut that features 99 diverse facets on a diamond representing the 99 names of Allah, meaning the god in Muslim religion. The other special Indian jewellery brand who has been awarded by the highest number of Dubai's quality award for their work is the Joyalukkas Jewellery, who is also very famous in India. Moreover, they are just two of the dozens of famous, great quality Dubai Indian jewelleries where gold shopping is a fantastic experience.

Do not lose the chance while you are in Dubai to look up all the fantastic gold shopping places, such as the Gold Souk of Deira or the Gold Souk of the Dubai Mall, each one of them being the main gold shopping hubs of Dubai.