Golf in Dubai

Golf is probably one of the international sports best played in a very relaxing ambiance with the panoramic view of nature serving as its backdrop. Golf course all over the world differs in style, golf theme, as well as facilities and services. Golf is said to be the game meant only for rich people because of the expensive equipments and caddies that you must pay as you play. However, playing golf in Dubai does not require much of your money. There is a vast array of golf course that you can choose from, starting from the cheapest up to the most luxurious golf course, Dubai definitely has it. Playing golf in Dubai will not only let you enjoy the sport, but the different stunning Dubai sceneries at the same time.

Dubai GolfThere are at least two internationally recognized Dubai golf courses. The first one is the Emirates Golf Club and the other one is the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club. These two are also the most grandiose places where you could play golf in Dubai. The Emirates Golf Club has always been the host for the PGA European Tour. The Emirates Gold Club has two main courses which it is very known for. These are the so-called Majlis and Wadi by Fado. There are also professional players that are more than willing to teach golf in Dubai. Aside from playing golf in Dubai, the Emirates Golf Club has a lot of facilities and services to offer including spas, gym, bars, restaurants and other recreational facilities.

On the other hand, the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club is situated at the center of the city. It is one of the top 100 golf-courses that you must see, according to different travel magazine experts. There are three major courses here in Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club and the length of each differs. For the Blue Tees, the length stretches up to 6832 yards while for the White Tees, the length measures up to 6447 yards. As for the Red Tees, the smallest, it only stretches up to 5453 yards only. The course here is considered as one of the golfer’s nirvana. Besides golf, members may also enjoy the excellent marina facility offered by the golf course for all those who love to explore the magnificence of the sea in Dubai. Having these two mentioned golf courses, playing golf in Dubai can never be as luxurious as this.

Jebel Ali Golf ResortYou may also play golf in Dubai at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort. Not only this is a place where you can play golf in Dubai but you can unwind and take a relaxing spa at the same resort. It has a very excellent hotel and golfing facilities. The whole course of Jebel Ali Golf Resort is a great combination of mature flora, water, and of course, the desert features of the emirate of Dubai. The nine-hole golf course of Jebel Ali is widely known as the best in the world.

For those who would play golf in Dubai, these are the most advisable places to be. Of course, not all of your companions would enjoy golf as much as you do. Therefore, the different facilities offered by these courses are the best way to let them have a world of their own while you have yours. They would surely love to accompany you once you decided to play golf in Dubai again. You may book in these golf courses online or you may let your travel agent to do it for you. Some hotels also do the same service as well.