Dubai Handbags Shopping

Dubai Festival City is one of the newest establishments of Dubai, a huge living, office and entertainment complex that has its own shopping mall. Dubai Festival City Centre is located by the extension of the Dubai Creek where brand new Business Bay complex is starting; Dubai Creek serves as the river of Dubai recently going as deep as more than 20 kilometers into the heart of the New Dubai part of the huge city. Let`s see what chances do shoppers have to buy handbags of all sorts in this great shiny shopping complex. Handbags are very important part of a women`s wardrobe which can serve a women even for decades when they are good quality and Dubai is one of the best ever cities for shopping, so let`s take a look at Dubai Festival City Centre to see all the stores and possibilities over here.

Dubai Festival City Centre opened its doors to the public in the late 2010 being part of the huge Dubai Festival City complex, which today is the most famous for housing the brand new IKEA of Dubai which, thanks to the huge numbers of expats has a growing fame also in the Emirates. Of course, IKEA is only one part of Dubai Festival City Centre`s fame. The shopping mall has dozens of great quality stores which are perfect for shoppers, let them be for handbags, fashion items or home appliances, the new mall is great for shopping. Let`s see what sort of brands of handbags we can find here.

First of all this shopping mall is better prepared for the selling of such brands which are more affordable for the everyday shopper so you will find no Louis Vuitton in the Festival City Centre but on the verge of great brands which are sold for a great price, the variety is great. This is why the shopping mall gets more and more popular for the everyday shopper to visit, contrary to the malls that sell the high profile designer wear. The biggest brands you can find in the Dubai Festival City Centre include Esprit, Marks and Spencer, New Yorker, Paris Gallery, which deals with multiple bigger brands of quality handbags. You can also find high profile multi-brand stores such as Braccialini multibrand, Anne Klein, Aldo Accessories, Guess Accessories, Kipling street wear, elegant and travel bags, Mont Blanc, Paris Hilton, Nine West and many other stores. Of course, it's not only worth coming here to see handbags, you can find a huge variety of jewelry stores and the Festival Centre is also very trendy for the sporty people as it is full of sportswear stores of the best brands, such as Nike or Adidas or Sun and Sand which is by far the best store for all sorts of beachwear and sport appliances.

All in all, The Dubai Festival City Centre is a great place for shopping and for having a great time. There are several quality programs organized in the mall during the weekends and shopping is real fun here as well. Thanks to its closeness to the Dubai Creek, the place can also be reached by water taxi. Look for great handbags, accessories and sportswear in the Festival Centre Mall, because it's really worth doing so. We can especially offer you to look around Kipling Handbags store, as it is currently its only store in Dubai.