Dubai Horse Racing

Dubai Horse RacingHorse racing has been a part of every country’s culture for so many decades now. Many people, especially gamblers, from all walks of life gather to witness a great bond between a man and a beast just to defeat its competitors. For some, watching events like this is only a way of unwinding. Some would bet all the remaining money in their pocket hoping for luck to strike. Horse racing is also observed in Dubai. Many are addicted to this race and had been one of the numerous reasons why tourists and investors are visiting Dubai, especially during the grand event which is the Dubai World Cup.

In horse racing in Dubai the most popular breed is the Thoroughbred. The said breed was developed in England in 18th-19th century. This is a combination of English mares and Arabian stallions. They developed this breed in order to have a distance horse racer. Although the term "thoroughbred" is incorrectly used by laymen, more often than not, it has been used to describe the full-blooded offspring of a certain breed. Currently, Thoroughbred is the most used breed in Dubai horse racing since they were developed mainly for such activity. Relatives of Thoroughbred are known as distance runners or sprinters.

The one that handles all the aspects of horse racing in Dubai is the Emirates Racing Authority. This governing body of United Arab Emirates' for horse racing is responsible in implementing the racing rules in United Arab Emirates and see to it that the rules are observed. Moreover, the body also deals with the registration of all horses that are eligible for racing. Additionally, the Emirates Racing Authority is also responsible for the licensing of the stable personnel, jockey, officials, and trainers. Emirates Racing Authority also handles all the entries as well as the declarations for each and every race meeting in the whole UAE.

Dubai Horse RacingA legal horse racing venue must have a small gambling station where all the hoping gamblers can bet their money in a particular horse. There are three ways to bet your money on a horse racing. The prize money that they can claim depends on what bet do they have for that certain horse. For those who want bigger money in return, they usually go for the so-called "bet to win". You may get the prize money only if the horse that you bet on takes the first place. On the other hand, there’s the "bet to place", where the gambler would receive a return money if the horse comes either in first place or second place. The last type of bet is called "bet to place". The gambler would only win if the horse that he placed his bet on would show either at the first, second or last place. Of course, the two latter types of bet would not win as much as the first type of bet which is the "bet to win".

The main horse racing event in Dubai is the Dubai World Cup. This is when most big time horse racing fanatic watch, bet, and gather at the Nad Al Sheba Race Course in Dubai. The Dubai World Cup for the year 2008 will start on the last quarter of March 2008. The Dubai World Cup gained so much popularity that in 2006 the said horse racing event was broadcast live on the US television network called ABC. This is the first time that the said event was shown in United States. The first winner of Dubai World Cup is a breed of Thoroughbred named Cigar. Cigar will be placed in United States Hall of Fame.