Dubai Gold & Jewelry Shopping Guide

Many tourists and businessmen do not only go to Dubai to see the emirates infamous sites, sand dunes, experience adventure, and alike. They also go here to shop for several items that they can sell when they get back to their own country. Jewelry and gold shopping are one of the most popular business activities here in Dubai. When people talk about jewelry and gold shopping, this is the first place that they should browse to get cheap finds yet authentic gold and jewelry that you may sell at a much higher price or give to your better-half, relatives, or children. This is a serious industry in the emirate of Dubai.

Dubai Jewelry ShoppingOne of the best places to do jewelry and gold shopping in Dubai, and in the world, is at the Gold Souk. This is where you can find the cheapest and rarest gold and jewelries in Dubai. But donít get fooled with the displayed cheap prices of these brilliant items. Donít get tempted easily to buy and rush your Dubai jewelry and gold shopping. You can still haggle to get a much better bargain especially if you will be buying more than 5 items at the same time from the same jewelry or gold store.

The Gold Souk located at Deira, Dubai is considered by gold lovers and gold resellers as the reason why this particular emirate of United Arab Emirates is called as the City of Gold. There is no other place in the world where you can do your jewelry and gold shopping better than the Gold Souk of Dubai. And because the prices here are amazingly cheap, not only you can do jewelry and gold shopping to gain various shiny collections for yourself, you may also get the latest designs in half the price compared to most jewelry and gold shopping establishments worldwide. Dubai gold paradise is definitely second to none.

Dubai Gold ShoppingUnlike other jewelry and gold shopping areas, purchasing these items can never be a hassle. Although it might help knowing a few words related to haggling and purchasing, most gold merchants can also understand few English words since it may somehow clear language barriers between two countries. Remember to haggle in a very nice manner since the Gold Souk merchants are also more than willing to assist you and sell you these brilliant items. They know that no one will have the interest to visit Gold Souk unless they mean serious jewelry and gold shopping business. One trick in order to get the item with the price of your choice is by haggling and telling the shop keeper your price. If ever that he did not wish to agree, simply say sorry and slowly walk away. They would surely call you back since most of them would not be able to resist the money from a nice customer. Anyway, there are a lot of stalls to choose from if you think that the shop keeper is being too pushy.

But although Gold Souk is filled with legit seller as well as authentic gold and other dazzling adornments, there are still numerous annoying retailers who would follow you selling cheap gold watches at cheaper price in the streets. These are mostly face watches and you just need to shake them off by saying a firm no. Jewelry and gold shopping in Dubai can never be found in places like America, Europe, or Japan. You can bring cold Dubai cash along with you or you may opt to use your credit card or debit card in doing your jewelry and gold shopping here in Gold Souk, Deira, Dubai.