Dubai Lingerie Shopping

Middle East is now waking up to the current lingerie craze, which has gripped women and men equally across the globe. Everyone wants to best and finest in innerwear. You will find leading stores offering the best in nightwear and lingerie, displayed in their windows and displays luring buyers in every possible way. Those who are shy and uncomfortable while selecting from retail stores can select different brands and lingerie from online stores. Online stores with their huge line of products make your shopping free, easy and hassle free. Payment is made with the help of credit cards ensuring you full privacy and shopping, while you are purchasing your favorite innerwear.

Lingerie shopping experience can be fun and thrilling. You might be shopping for yourself or your spouse the experience is surely going to be worth remembering. You need to first decide about your preference. Are you looking for bold styles and patterns or simple and comfortable lingerie? Depending on your choice you can experiment with variety of ideas and have fun. Fun prints are available in bounty in most stores you get the chance of selecting from prints such as clouds and cherries for your perfect lady or occasion. If you wish to appeal her wilder side, you can choose animal prints in bold colors like red. It will surely mesmerize her! Before you start shopping in Dubai, do not forget to decide on color. If you have no particular preference in color, your shopping becomes easy. You will find that every color suits you or your lady. Most common lingerie colors are white, red and black. Stronger colors and shades are also alluring such as emerald green and purple.

Once you have decided on the color and style, you need to choose the lingerie type, you wish to buy. If you are shopping in a retail store or mall, you need to know the function of each type so that you know its usability. Products are usually displayed in racks and you might not be comfortable asking about the functionality of each innerwear. In such a case, if you are not aware of its design and purpose you might shop for the wrong lingerie and waste your time, money and effort. Thus, do not forget to brush up your lingerie knowledge, before you set out shopping for the same in Dubai.


The most common lingerie type is chemise. Chemise is a straight gown which skims the body, making a lady look sexier and very attractive. You will find a chemise in all stores displayed in soft colors. Pajamas are comfortable garments for every day use if you are looking for something very comfortable and for everyday you can choose pajamas available in soft fabrics and soothing printed motifs. Bustier is a more intimate apparel which is actually an elongated bra which helps to provide an extra lift to the breasts. You will find them in soft, satin and velvety fabric with beautiful lacy touches making them look sexy as well as elegant.