Living in Dubai

Many foreign workers, attracted tourists and expatriates chose settle in Dubai. But what is it really with this emirate that many would want to be living in Dubai? There are several reasons why people would choose to live at Dubai. Some said that it is because of the weather while others chose to live here because of the economy, employment and business. On the other hand, investors and captivated tourists prefer to stay at Dubai because of the natural exquisiteness of the emirate that they can never find at their own country. No matter what the reason is, living in Dubai is definitely one of the amazing experiences you could ever have.

Before you finally decided to pack your bags and leave your own country, here are some things you have to know about Dubai. The cost of life in Dubai can be compared to the cost of living in different European countries. The houses for rent or other residential properties can be very expensive. The price of the food products, especially imported foods, is also high. Although Dubai is known as the Shopping Capital of UAE, dress and other clothing with designer labels are not rampant in Dubai. Only gold and jewelries can be bought in this country at a very low price. However, if you are living in Dubai, you will not need to pay for personal taxes. The same goes if you will buy certain items such as cars and shopping goods.

If you will be living in Dubai with your family and employed at one of the emirateís companies at the same time, there are many benefits that you could get from the company you are working with. Health and medical benefits is the first thing on list. But the best benefit that you could get is the educational benefit for your children. If you are living in Dubai, the company will take care of the school fees your child needs if they want to study at this emirate as long as you are still in service. With increasing fees year after years, this is certainly a great help to the parents working in Dubai.

While living in Dubai, you may also get the same lifestyle that you left from your country, or even better. For several years, Dubai has been reinventing itself in order to meet the demands of different foreigners having diverse culture from theirs. You would surely not miss the nightlife that you left behind because excellent themed bars, cocktail bars, and Irish pubs are accessible by people who ages from 25 and above. And because living in Dubai has a lifestyle that is basically tax free, you can take your family and friends to different fine dining restaurants that serve international cuisines scattered in both main cities of the emirate.

However, because of the culture, many women from the Western civilization who are interested to live in Dubai still canít make up their minds. Although is safe to say that the emirate is very conservative with regards to women, living in Dubai does not any changes especially with their clothing, their way of living and alike. They need not to be covered by head dress or veils all the time. For those Western women who are already living in Dubai may easily adopt the conservative approach when it comes to the dress that they will be wearing out of respect to the Islamic culture of the emirate. Plunging necklines, V-neck tops, sleeveless shirts, and short skirts should not be worn especially on the very populated areas of Dubai. A very exciting and high standard way of living can be experienced here in Dubai.