Dubai Nightlife Guide

Some tourists prefer to do their country exploration during the day. At this time, many picturesque sceneries can be viewed and many people are still awake, making the ambiance so colorful and lively. When the clock strikes 8 in the evening, they just want to lay down, unwind, and prepare themselves for another tiring yet exciting day of touring ahead. However, not all tourists are the same. Some go to the other part of the world just to experience how the nightlife is or how alive the locals can be during the night. In Asia, one of the most fantastic places to experience a different nightlife is at the emirate of Dubai.

Dubai NightlifeDubai has a lot of nightclubs and bars that invigorates the nightlife of the emirate. However, most of these establishments are closed during Monday. And because alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the streets of Dubai, there are only few bars and nightclubs that caters different concoctions of alcoholic beverages. Usually these drinks are served only in luxurious hotels and alike. But unlike other establishments that opens during the night, the clubs must only operate until three oíclock in the morning. Moreover, only those who are aging 21 and above are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. Nevertheless, they are still not allowed to enter the nightclubs, only those who are 25 and above. However, those who are allowed may enjoy the excellent nightlife that Dubai could offer.

One of the best places to go to during night time is the very trendy restaurant called Carterís. Not only that Carterís is a restaurant but a bar as well. Most customers of this bar/restaurant are expatriates. It operates from twelve oíclock for serve people during lunch time and closes at 2 or 3 in the morning. Whatís unique about Carterís is that it is the only Oxygen Bar in the city of Wafi. This is definitely one nightlife opportunity that you surely donít want to miss. The oxygen shot would last for twenty minutes and would take at least 70 Dhs out of your pocket. Some tourists who have been to Carterís said that you can already experience the best Dubai nightlife in this establishment.

Hard Rock Cafť has been one of the most popular nightlife destinations all over the world. Dubai also has one located at the heart of the newly developed Marina area. It offers live music, delicious foods that are served in most Hard Rock chains worldwide. However, the bar area is quite small. More space in this nightlife destination is offered to dinners making a room full of nicely arranged comfortable seats.

Another best nightlife establishment in Dubai is the Kasbaa. Kasbaa is a club situated at the luxurious Royal Mirage Hotel. Kasbaa is definitely that club that you must go to if you want to be embraced in an ambiance that is truly Arabic. This is one of the first class clubs in Dubai. It is made up of three floors that has terraces and overlooks the people dancing below. You will also listen and dance to the different tunes played by their awesome DJís. They will be giving the best tunes mixed with Arabic flavor making it more interesting. If you do not wish to mingle a lot with all the loyal customers of Kasbaa, you can stay at the upper areas of the club and sit on the very comfortable big sofas having an Arabic touch. However, the slots must be reserved at least two or three weeks in advance and you will get the best VIP treatment ever. You will truly experience a very unique Arabic nightlife in Kasbaa.


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