Dubai Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has never been this popular as this decade, when everyone simply wants to look their very best and what more even men have started to visit plastic surgeries in order to look better. Dubai tries to create a great market in terms of plastic surgery, in order to re-establish itself as one of the major centres of plastic surgery in the Middle East and in the world. Let us see what are the operations and treatments that create the biggest clientele in Dubai and where you can find the clinics, which are experts of these.

Before we start with the enlisting of the most popular treatments, let us say a few words about the nature of plastic surgery. Plastic or aesthetic surgery is basically a renovative or recreational surgery which aims specific areas of the body or the face. Over the decades, the methods of plastic surgery have become all the better. Today, the number of plastic surgery treatments is high, especially because of the diversity of the methods used today. We can differentiate two basic sorts of treatments: the invasive and the non-invasive treatments. Invasive treatments include all those, that require clinical circumstances for performing a proper surgery, together with the anaesthetics and all the tools that a high quality operation requires, including also a certified medical staff. Invasive treatments are those, which require the opening up of the skin. Non-invasive treatments include many of those treatments, which are obtained by ways of minor injections instead of opening up of the skin such as liposuction, tummy tuck, nose job, face lift, mini face lift, neck and decolleté rejuvenations and hair transplantations including also the rejuvenation or enlargement of breasts and other intim organs. The injections include Botox treatment, which is also one of the most popular short-term wrinkle treatments in the world today. Aesthetic surgeries also offer vitamin injections for patients and other rather cosmetic treatments that can also be performed by cosmeticians.

Today the most popular plastic surgery treatments include breast enlargement, nose correction, face lift, liposuction and tummy tuck. All these treatments are invasive, which means they equal proper operations. These operations last between 1 hour and 3 hours and are performed by basically every Dubai plastic surgeries, among which the most popular are the ABSAMC, the American British surgical Centre that has some of the largest group of experts each one having their own specific area of plastic surgery. ABSAMC is also the first plastic surgery in Dubai, that regularly invites the most famous US and UK plastic surgeons The London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery is famous for their innovative methods and their large clientele as well. Dubai's own Cocoona Clinic is another large clinic that offers some of the widest range of both plastic and reconstructive surgery in Dubai. Apart from these main clinics, a larger number of new plastic surgeries are appearing in Dubai, which has a great chance to become the plastic surgery centre of the world.

Dubai, although it is not the cheapest place to undergo plastic surgery treatments, is becoming more and more popular among tourists for its great services, tax-free prices and for the possibility for clients to cover their treatments wholly or partially by travel or medical insurance companies.