Dubai Scuba Diving

Dubai is a region in the United Arab Emirates that is very to the Arabian Sea. With this, Dubai has become an indeed excellent spot where locals and tourists could unwind, refresh, and escape from the arid climate of the emirate. Moreover, Dubai has also offered tourists and locals that privilege to do scuba diving and deep sea fishing in its region. This is another brilliant way to lure sea lovers and pull a lot of tourists to make the industry grow. Scuba diving and deep sea fishing are now one of the most prevalent activities that everyone can enjoy in the emirate of Dubai.

Through scuba diving, you may be able to come across the other underwater world of Dubai. However, it is not advisable to do scuba diving at the west coast area of the emirate. The visibility has been adversely affected because of the coastal constructions and developments where future theme parks, offices, and residential properties will be placed. But the other coasts in Dubai still welcome interested explorers and scuba divers. The best place to try scuba diving is at the wreck dives where you will see some of the old sunken wrecked ships in the coast.

When scuba diving, you might need a wetsuit or a skin costume that is at least 3mm thick. The necessary suit and gears will be provided by the scuba diving tour agents where you signed up. But if you want to wear your own packed scuba diving suit, feel free to do so. These diving school agents as well as the private operators will assist you throughout the course and training, especially those who are beginners in this activity. They will make sure that the essential apparatus is well-conditioned and safe before you head out to do scuba. However, before you pay and dive, make sure that the diving operator is recognized by the main diving association in Dubai. Necessary precautions must be exercised in you must stay focused during the training to avoid accidents during your underwater adventure.

The coasts of Dubai have an average water temperature of twenty-five degrees Celsius or seventy-seven degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, during the months of June and July, the water temperature of the coasts may reach up to thirty-four degrees Celsius.

Dubai Underwater LifeDuring the whole course of scuba diving in Dubai, you will come across several captivating forms of the creatures living in the underworld of Dubai. You may be able to swim with the huge turtles, different species of fishes with vivid colors, eels, and even sharks. You are a lucky one if you get to swim with the friendliest marine life the dolphin. While scuba diving, get the chance to take a picture of all these marine forms together with the aquatic plants with the help of your diving instructor, who would accompany you in your underwater expedition.

Fishing enthusiasts may also enjoy scuba diving and deep sea fishing in Dubai because it is a home for numerous sailfishes in the region. This is because of the unbelievable number of planktons living in the warm waters if the Arabian Gulf. Some of the fishes that you can get while scuba diving in Dubai includes long tail tuna, king fish, barracudas, queen fish, Spanish mackerel, and more. The fishing season in Dubai starts at the month of october and ends at the month of0mMay, although it is the winter season of the emirate.