Dubai Shopping Malls

Dubai's main business activity has always been retail; therefore, it's no wonder that Dubai is also the city of shopping malls. The high number of Dubai shopping malls can also be thanked for the high number of population which is always growing. Another reason for keeping it colourful as for the shops is, to give most expats the stores which they would so much miss. Dubai shopping malls offer real quality services for everyone.

Therefore, Dubai gives home to most of the world's international brands, especially those coming from the States and those which don't have stores outside of the US with the sole exception of Dubai. You can get to the Saks Fifth Avenue here or you can shop at the Bloomingdale's or at the Harvey Nichols when you fell like, the possibilities are indeed limitless. There are several British department stores too, located in the Dubai shopping malls and also you can find the world famous Galeries Lafayette here, which is the most popular department store of Paris, opened in Dubai as an add-up to the already extremely colourful choice when it comes to shopping. Dubai also hosts the biggest ever shopping mall in the world the Dubai Mall which in size outnumbers every shopping mall in the world. The Dubai Mall makes a triangle together with two other wonders and world records, the Dubai Fountain the biggest fountain system in the world and also the Burj Khalifa, which is the highest residence building in the world.

Other Dubai shopping malls have their distinctive features too: the Mall of the Emirates gives place to the biggest Carrefour hypermarket of Dubai and the Dubai Ski which is one of the world's most unique places, where you can find snowy ski slopes even in the summer when the temperature in Dubai goes up to 45 degrees. The Mall of the Emirates is the former biggest shopping mall of Dubai, the BurJuman Shopping Mall hosts the Saks Fifth Avenue, the Wafi City Shopping Mall has a distinctive pyramid made out of glass and the Ibn Battuta Mall is perhaps the most distinctive of all, has 6 different parts and each part is named after a country bearing the architectural signs and colours of the country's culture, such as Egypt, Tunisia or China and India. Dubai shopping malls host nearly all sorts of stores but they are all famous for housing some of the best jewellery stores in the world and you can find all sorts of Arabic-Muslim and European fashion stores in them too.

The Dubai shopping malls also give place to several entertaining facilities, such as the Ice rink, the Dubai Underwater Zoo, the Aquarium which hosts the world's biggest aquariums with thousands of beautiful sea fishes (both located in the Dubai Mall) the SEGA world or the Encounter Zone in the Wafi City, you can find several entertaining facilities in the Dubai shopping malls, which do their best to serve the needs of every generation.

Dubai shopping malls also serve as a great cool place in the hot summer for many, therefore they are made for one to be able to spend a day there without specific efforts. There are scheduled buses and many Dubai shopping malls have their own buses stopping by many hotels to collect the visitors going to that shopping mall, which is a perfect solution during the extremely hot summer days.