Dubai Souks

Who of the avid world travellers wouldn't like to experience the mysterious world of Arabic souk? It is one of the most authentic, colourful and crowded place the heart of every Arabic and Muslim city in the world, the word Souk has a specific meaning. Although Dubai souks are definitely not the most beautiful souks in the world they will provide you with a similar atmosphere and experience as if to prove, that although Dubai aims for the new, it does not forget its traditions and its past. Let us see where we can find Dubai Souks and what is worth knowing about them:

Dubai Souks are located in the Old Dubai district. In case you have not have heard of this word "Souq" or simply "Souk" before, let us introduce you with what they mean. Souk is an Arabic marketplace where you can buy just everything. In some countries, such as Dubai there are themed souks, which mean each part sells different type of stuff, other souks are just all on one. It is unique feeling to visit a souk, especially a traditionally covered one, which in the tropical countries tries to protect both the goods and the clients and visitors from the summer sun.

In Dubai, the two most important souk quarters include the area of Dubai Creek, often referred to as the Medina or old city. The Bur Dubai and Deira souks are the nicest souks of all. Beware though, due to the new construction and new ideas, some modern souks have been built too which although look nice, they are not the old style souks anyhow.

Deira Souks: Deira souks are the most important Dubai souks with lots of segments.Each segments of the Deira souk are located close to each other, although not all in one. The souks mean the base of Deira's current popularity beside its closeness of the Creek and cheap accommodations.

. Spice Souk: For the smelling of the old Arabic world, there is nothing more authentic and beautiful than this souk with its colourful spices neatly arranged in pyramid -like or other attractive shapes.
. Fish Souk: wear some water resistant shoes here and old clothes because they will take in the fish smell.
. Food Souk: One of the busiest parts of the souk selling everything from food till meat.
. Gold Souk: Among the most popular Dubai souks, gold souk is extremely popular with a good reason.
. Perfume Souk: for the traditional Arabic cosmetics and scented oils
. Textile Souk: you can see some beautiful textiles here especially among offer of bridal stores.

Bur Dubai Souk: The other side of the Dubai Creek is called the Bur Dubai Medina of Dubai giving place to Dubai's only existing old town part and provides us with some other historical relics too. Bur Dubai has a much smaller souk than of Deira but it looks nice and its really worth visiting.

Satwa Souk: Satwa is famous for its textile souk square where everyone goes to buy cheap textile for the making of clothes. In the Muslim world tailors are a lot more frequently used for the making of custom clothes than in the West.

Modern Dubai Souks:
There are some modern Dubai Souks which, although bear the name as they serve the same reason but they are not traditional Dubai souks. Some good examples for these modern souks include the Gold Souk of the Dubai Mall and the Souk Madinat, which is a new complex with a souk part including hotels and restaurants too, looking like a big Kasbah or fortress. The Souk Al Bahar is also there right next to Dubai Mall, a king of luxury marketplace more known of its beautiful lagoons than of its stores now.