Dubai Theme Parks

Dubai is a very family and business oriented emirate, and therefore it takes care of providing non-stop family fun for both the locals and the tourists too. As it is gifted with a tropical climate and long beach, it is a natural resort place and there are several theme parks that merit from the great climate. Therefore, they are open all year long. Let us see some examples of the main Dubai theme parks and those amusement parks that are located within shopping centre or specialised in several ways.

As the number of Dubai theme parks is quite high and they come with different attributes and specifications, we tried to make a couple of groups to enlist some of the best Dubai theme parks for you.

Water themed parks:
Aquaplay: Located within the Mirdiff City Centre that gives place for several popular entertaining facilities, this water theme park is a great place to spend half a day with family.

Wild Wadi: This is probably the most popular, out-built and developed water theme park of all located in Jumeirah downtown by the Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotels, right next to Souk Madinat. The park comes with great themes and activities; it is a real daylong experience for families. More about Wild Wadi.

Aquaventure: This is a unique place, which can be found in the Atlantis the Palm Hotel and its more of a half-entertaining half-scientific park with many novelties like the Lost Chamber attraction. This parks only problem is its size, which is considerably smaller than the number of visitors.

Dubai theme parks for children:
Children's City Dubai: Located in the Dubai Creek Park, this theme park was also developed by educational purposes and children here can learn a lot in a playful manner both in Arabic and in English. There are several exhibitions and educational shows in the area of this theme park.

Stargate Dubai: It is another theme park that has sci-fi theme and serves some educational purposes located in the huge Zabeel Park. The park has five domes and a food court surrounded by these in such shape, which resembles a spaceship. The theme park such as Wild Wadi has a base theme or tale, which makes its existence all the more understandable for the children. The park is equipped with roller coasters and an ice rink too.

Kidzania: Dubai Mall's edutainment (a new word made up with mixing the words entertainment and education) centre for children of every age with several entertaining teaching programs.

SEGA Republic: If you want to see an indoors Spin Gear rollercoaster and other speed rides inside a covered shopping mall, then you should visit the SEGA Republic theme park located in the huge Dubai Mall. SEGA as we all know is a huge computer game manufacturing corporation that has opened several even bigger theme parks all around the world and many technical developments in the world of computer and virtual games can be thanked to them. There are so many things here for those who like cyber culture and again computer games that they could stay for days.

Cultural theme parks and programs
Global Village Dubai: A very interesting place, sort of a global world representation, where parlours and buildings of all shapes and colours wait the guests to enjoy the cultural attractions, foods, music, tradition and outlooks of a country. Almost every country is featured here and it's a great place for having a great afternoon. Global Village is open for 3 months every year. You shouldn't miss to try its huge Ferris Wheel with the help of which you even get to see the desert dunes outside the city too.

iFly Dubai: This is hardly a theme park but it offers visitors a very very unique experience. With the help of iFly you can indeed fly in the air. It is a sky diving simulator, which will lift you in the air making you feel just as those parachutes who dance in the air while reaching towards the Earth from the air. You can find this attraction too in the Mirdiff City Centre.

This was only a short representation; outside of this, there are several Dubai theme parks worth visiting in the city. Dubai theme parks are not necessarily expensive, with the exception of the very special or top popular ones.