Dubai Tourist Information

Before entering the territory of any tourist destination, the first thing you would take at the airport is the tourist information brochure. There, you will see all the must-know details about the country and the must-see places as well. But why wait to get to the nearest airport of the tourist destination of your choice when you can find tourist information online. As of now, one of the most searched tourist information is at the emirate of Dubai. The more you know about Dubai, the more you will enjoy exploring the tourist destination that has definitely a big cultural difference from yours.

One of the major tourist information that interests Dubai explorers is the geographical location of the emirate. Dubai is located at the Arabian Gulf, northwestern area of United Arab Emirates. The capital city of Dubai has the same name. Sometimes, the whole emirate of Dubai is referred by many as the Dubai City. The emirate embraces at least four hundred square kilometers and about thirty-five square kilometers is covered by the capital city. Dubai is divided into two parts namely Bur Dubai and Deira Dubai. In between these two cities is the fourteen kilometer Dubai Creek. Dubai Creek does not only serve as a partition between Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai. It is also one of the tourist attractions that you must visit while exploring this tourist destination.

Dubai is the place to be if you want to escape the winter season or you just want to experience a different kind of climate in another country. The weather in Dubai is a must-know tourist information so that visitors will be aware of what temperature would welcome them upon entering the territory of Dubai. Thereís no need to pack for warm clothes or jackets. Dubai is definitely a great place to stay if you are a sun lover. During the months of May to September, Dubai experiences its hottest season. On the other hand, the winter, which is barely noticeable, happens from the month of December up to the month of February.

Essential tourist information in Dubai is the health issue. Dubai is a clean and safe place that does not require any extra health precautions. However, the because of the weather, tourists may experience dehydration since it can be very hot in Dubai. Therefore, this tourist information would make you prepare coins for buying bottled water along the way while touring the rest of Dubai. Although tap water in Dubai is still safe to drink, many prefer to buy bottled drinking water to fight the intense heat of the emirate.

Dubai tourist information also includes facts about their religion. Islam is the prevalent religion in Dubai as well as the whole United Arab Emirates. It is necessary to read tourist information about Islam since the locals of Dubai have a great respect on their religion and visitors are expected to do the same. Because of this, there are some things that a tourist must keep in mind. Most Dubai tourist information brochures clearly states that nobody must walk in front of an Islam who is currently praying. Drinking alcoholic beverages are not also allowed in public places or streets. If you are a couple traveling to Dubai, donít forget to bring your marriage certificate wherever you go. It is illegal to display affection in public. Because of the conservative culture of Islam, women must wear their beach outfits only at the beach resorts. Moreover, during their holy month which is called Ramadan, visitors must also get acquainted with all the special rules that take effect during that season.