Dubai Tours & Excursions

Dubai tours are very popular because of many reasons. Dubai is really a city to see, a type of residential Disneyland, the land where you can see many things on top of each other stuffed together in such amounts, which you do not see anywhere else. The huge will to always evolve towards being greater is what makes Dubai such a unique emirate. If you are in Dubai, it is recommended to take a couple of Dubai tours because each one of them shows us different aspects of Dubai.

First, before going on Dubai tours, we would recommend you to choose tours where there is a guide because he or she can give you the best opportunity to learn about Dubai from every possible aspect. Let us see what types of Dubai tours we can normally choose from:

Sightseeing tours
Of course, there are many sorts of sightseeing tours, also depending on the exact type of the transportation vehicles as they can be on boat, bus, even jeeps when it is about special type of tours or a private group. The normal sightseeing tours can happen with an ordinary group with a guide or also with a hop-on, hop-off type of bus. There are specialized tours, which show either a cultural part of the city or a more modern part. Out of the boat sightseeing, we can really offer the Dubai Creek dhow sightseeing. The ordinary Dubai sightseeing goes 2-3 hours max and most of them ends in the Deira souks because they start up from the Jumeirah Mosque and then they go in one line basically along the beach then getting toward the old city part.

Excursion tours
There are several organized excursions going out from Dubai. One part of these goes to historical places such as the Hatta Villages or the Wadi Tours to see some of the most important Wadis or Oasis around Dubai and there are organized sightseeing excursions going to the capital Abu Dhabi. Al Ain is also a famous excursion place site. There are specific excursions going further from Dubai to some of the best diving places where the sea is the nicest.

Desert tours
Talking about an emirate, which is lying in the Middle of a desert; it is almost natural to go on a desert tour when you are in Dubai. Desert tours always try to choose the hest timings for the tourists not to be too demanding to go to this trip; therefore, the time of the trip is usually the early morning or in case of an overnight trip, the safari starts in the late afternoon hours. Do not forget always to bring warm clothes with you as the desert can cool down quite a lot at night.

Shopping tours
Among the specialized tours, we can underline the shopping tours that are to help around and to give an opportunity for those who take part on this tour. For a better understanding of this tour, Dubai is huge and from the early morning hours, it gets incredibly hot in the warm season. You cannot really just walk around town when it is this hot. Shopping tours can bring you around the most effortlessly ad in a chilled air-conditioned bus.

We hope that we could give you a little bit of a better picture of Dubai tours and that when you are in Dubai, you will take part in one of these. There is so much you can learn on these types of tours and even you can make friends too. Try to choose always-guided tours.