Dubai Water Activities

As Dubai is a seaside city, we can count on colourful water activities, as by the sea, there is always so much to do. Dubai has done several steps in order to make its beach at least five times as big as it used to be, thanks to its three huge palm shaped islands out of which one is fully in use already. So, let us see some of the most popular Dubai water activities that we can find in the City of Gold.

Water theme parks: Visiting the water theme parks counts as one of the most popular Dubai water activities. There is so much fun you can find in Dubai water parks such as Wonderland, the Wild Wadi with the longest slide in the Middle East or the beautiful Aquaventure. Each water park has something different to offer for its visitors. Dubai water parks are normally open all day long and many of them are half as cheap as normally in the last hour so, if you think you do not need so much time and want to save up, use this strategy.

Beach activities: The biggest amounts of Dubai water activities are naturally concentrated on the beach side. Dubai's fun beach is the Jumeirah beach, the rest is also beach but either used in form of parks or it is not built out properly as a beach. Of course, there are several opportunities on the Jumeirah Beach from beachside or water sports, although the usage of water vehicles is not really allowed on the Jumeirah beach. Water skiing is possible either on the Dubai Creek or if organised by a resort. The best beach resorts organising Dubai water activities include the Sheraton Towers, the Le Royal Meridien, which also organises longer excursions for fishing and for diving and scuba diving activities. Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa and the Jebel Ali Golf Club and Spa are known as the best when it comes to the number of Dubai water activities to do there. You can try water skiing, windsurfing, ski tubes, surfboard, Sheraton also operates donut rides.

Diving: Diving tours are regularly organised by PADI BSAC that is a well-known diving club in Dubai. The area of Dubai is not entirely the best for fishing because of the countless constructions and the normal industrial activities, so tourists are normally taken to the other side of the Emirates where there are some very beautiful places for scuba diving. Fishing tours work about the same only for different reasons. Some hotels the Le Royal Meridian or the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa organise deep-sea fishing tours.

Sailing: If you want to sail then you can either visit the Dubai International Marine Club by the Dubai Marina, or the Dubai Creek Golf and yachting Club too. Dubai's new complex the huge Maritime City for all sorts of water activities is soon to be ready and will be located on the seaside of Dubai Creek. The Offshore Sailing Club on the Jumeirah Beach can help you a lot and you can hire sailing boats over here. Sailing is one of the most popular Dubai water activities too, with several yearly competitions held in Dubai.

As you see, there are countless water activities to merit from when you are in Dubai. No matter if you are looking for Dubai water activities where you are near the water or such activities, which involve you being in the water, the varieties are countless.